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Malinalco Project

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All 45 schools in the mountainous, semirural province of Malinalco had traditional desktop PC labs, but only a few had Internet access, and without opportunities for in-depth training, many teachers’ computer skills were limited. Malinalco’s leaders wanted more for their schools and community. They chose Intel-powered classmate PCs and Intel’s collaborative approach to developing a supporting ecosystem to move toward a vision of one-to-one mobile computing.


Through the Malinalco project, 400 students gained access to Intelpowered classmate PCs, loaded with educational tools and applications to make the process of learning more engaging and fun. Twenty-five teachers received laptop PCs and teacher training through the Intel® Teach Program.^ Other collaborators in the project, including government agencies, education service providers, and local businesses, helped to develop a network to support the effort, including locally developed software and content, high-speed WiMAX* networking Internet connectivity, and professional development for teachers.


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